Tuesday, April 05, 2005


After nearly nine years of making innovative consumer bike racks, including the original Quick-load bike rack, Sportworks has sold the consumer bike rack division to Thule.  I received this news by email this morning. As with any vendor change I blink and wonder what it will mean to bikes@vienna.
The email included this information:

"This news may come as a great shock to many of you who have been our ardent supporters and pioneers over the years.  The reasons for the sale are many, including a very competitive market and the challenges of competing with the larger manufacturers.  Sportworks will continue to make and sell bike racks for transit vehicles as well as perform contract manufacturing for a variety of customers."

I just got in a shipment of Sportworks racks. I have more back ordered. bikes@vienna has been a Thule dealer since I opened in 1998. I believe you'll continue to find the Quick-load racks here without regard to the name that appears on the sticker.


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