Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Reason for a folding bike at the office?

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Beginning this week there will be advertising for folding bikes from bikes@vienna in the Washington Post's Express which gets handed out at the Metro stations. You see the ad on the right.

My wonderful wife works in the American History Museum. On September 11th as we communicated back and forth we decided that I might need to ride a tandem to the city to get her if Metro was not a practical way for her to get home. I supposed that traffic would be so difficult that my old bike cummuting route of the W&OD to the Custis Trail might be the quickest in and out of Washington.

That discussion and others led us to the idea that she needed to have a folding bike at her office. It was an idea that other people must have examined because bikes@vienna had more calls about folders. We've continued to expand our folding bikes not as a response to terror, but a practical answer to how to store, transport, and get more enjoyment from a bike.

In Northern Virginia the traffic makes people consider interesting solutions. Women come to the store shopping for a bike and when presented with the idea of a folder they see opportunities for excercise and enjoyment while their children are at a piano lesson or ball practice. It is not practical to return home and then come back for their child so why not go for a bike ride? Parking can be a challenge so why not zip from one errand to the other on your folding bike when the locations are close, but not quite close enough to walk?

Metro allows folding bikes on trains anytime in a bag. Commuters can ride a mile or two to the station, bag their folder, and take it to the office. Let's see......not getting as hot and sweaty going to the Metro without a car, saving money on parking, or just the thrill of a ride on a beautiful day. Which concept appeals most to you?

You can see where the idea comes from for the folders ad in the Express. The joy of being alive on a sunny, beautiful day with the experience of a breeze in your face and the smell of blossoms sweetening your experience. The glory of riding a bicycle. That's the number one reason for having a folding bike at the office or in the back of the vehicle.

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