Wednesday, April 27, 2005

If 1 is good then 22 is spectacular. Think $240.

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Adam always kidded me because in ordering things I followed a thought process that if 1 is good then 2 is twice as good. Now take that a little farther. If 1 is good then 22 is spectacular. We will soon receive 22 Marin Pioneer Trails in a 15" women's frame in preparation for Mother's Day. The bikes are 2004 models which I noticed on the Marin inventory sheet. The adjacent photo is of the 2005 model, but think a white frame and that's what 18 of the 22 will look like. We'll have them on sale for $240 which is a good value. We'll have a package to add a basket (it clicks off the handbars to go into a store), a mirror (you've got to see what coming up from behind you), a bell, and a water bottle cage with a bikes@vienna water bottle. The package adds $50 to the transaction. These will be nice bikes for a mom or for a young person in need of a new bike.

If you think this sounds crazy then one of these times I'll tell you about the time I bought 103 bikes from Marin on close out. We made some cyclists very happy.

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