Sunday, October 09, 2011

Tour du Port 2011 Is Over

And it was a great success! Lots of happy people had a great ride in spectacular weather, and we had a lot of interest in our folding bikes. I think I probably folded and unfolded bikes more times today than I ever have before in a single day.

We also provided a Dahon Speed P8 that was raffled off as a fundraiser, and the woman who won it was very pleased.

Part of our sponsorship "package" was the opportunity to offer four people free entry to the ride. Tom (who works for us) and his wife Beryl, and Roy and Noreen (customers, and the parents of Daniel, our head mechanic) took us up on the offer and had a great time. I suspect Roy got a lot of attention on his new ICE Sprint RS trike!

More photos can be seen here:

Tour du Port, Oct 9, 2011

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