Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great Halloween Parade!

For a while today it looked like we might have rain for this evening's parade, but it passed through and cleared up in plenty of time to give us clear skies and stars. Add to that comfortable temperatures, a great group of riders, and enthusiastic crowds, and this year's Vienna Halloween Parade was a wonderful time.

Here's a shot of a few of the riders getting ready to start the ride. Basically we make our way to a staging area on a side street, where we wait our turn to head out on the main route down Maple Avenue in front of many, many people. The most fun are the kids, waving and shouting out things like "nice helmet" and wanting to "high five" all the riders.

Watch for more photos as other people send me theirs.

And here's our mechanic Daniel in costume.  He unfortunately didn't ride...  he ended up having to drive his car as our support vehicle, as the shop van suffered a mysterious breakdown right before the start of the parade. The only real glitch in the whole evening.

Oh, and the ride coincided with a customer's birthday, and she chose to ride with us! Happy Birthday Barbara, and thanks for coming on the parade ride and sharing your cake with us!

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