Friday, July 01, 2011

A nice visit from John, Ces, and Java

John Brunow, former owner of bikes@vienna, was in town this past Monday, and a bunch of us went to Sunflower, his favorite local restaurant, for lunch.  A great time was had by all.

From left: John Brunow, Luann F, Keith O, Kerie H, Bruce W., Susan S, Ces B, Sarah B, Tim F, Reed H, Beryl B.

Aside from lunch, John and I spent most of the day clearing a few more things out of the shop that he'd planned to take earlier but couldn't. There's one rather obvious item now no longer here, but I'm curious to see how many people actually notice that it's gone. Perhaps I should make a game out of it?

Anyway, it was great to see John and Ces and Java. I'm very happy for them that they are really enjoying their new home, and I'm very excited to have the opportunity to continue on with the shop. But I have to admit, they are all missed. Guess I'm going to make a trip to Iowa soon!

For those who didn't catch the earlier post... John is opening a new shop, All Ability Cycles, Jefferson, Iowa. Right now he's preparing bikes and trikes for the 4th of July parade! Sounds like John, huh?

A happy Fourth of July to everyone!

More pics from John's visit are here:  John Brunow's Visit, June 27, 2011

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