Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Dahon Model Availability

A number of folks have come in or called, asking about the Dahon Ios models. The bike was introduced at Interbike (the big industry trade show) back in September, and received a very good review in Bicycle Times magazine a few months ago. So we have been waiting patiently for news of their arrival in the US, and periodically pestering our friends at Dahon USA. Up til now, the only news was "not yet, and we're not sure when".

Well, now we have more news... unfortunately, not good news. We've just been informed by Dahon USA that the Ios models will not be available in the US market in 2011 at all. The same is also true of the new Vector series, the Dash, and the Boost... none of those are expected in the US this year.

The good news is we continue to have a steady supply of the "bread and butter" models... in 20" wheels, the Eco C6, Speed D7, Mariner D7, Speed P8 (shown above), among others, as well as the Espresso and Jack 26" wheel models.

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I now own 2 Dahons. The last month has been fun riding them. I left one with my son in Farmville and he's been riding almost every day. At 6'5" he's still comfortable on the bike. Very well built and fun. What more could you ask for?