Monday, October 04, 2010

First BWC Weekend Report!

From Charmaine, our "customer in the field"... here she recounts the events of Saturday, October 2nd, the day before the actual race:

Just a brief note about the Brompton 100 bike ride on Saturday -

I got to the meet-up point pretty early for the Brompton 100 ride - I definitely didn't want to miss it. :) I took the Tube to a station not far from where I needed to meet up with 99 other Brompton bikers for a 10-mile ride from central London to the Brompton bike factory, for the awards ceremony. A number of the riders were "dressed up" in funny or business attire, and they were neat to see. :) As we gathered, the Changing of the Guards (horses) came down the street, so we got some pictures of that. :) We then got on the road and rode along safely, regrouping as needed and "bunching up" at lights to get as many of us through the lights as we could. The route was pretty convoluted - lots of turns, but everyone stuck together. We rode past Buckingham Palace and then past pretty city homes and areas. We rode through the Brompton Cemetary, which was pretty and peaceful (though in spots very weeded and overgrown). Then through the suburbs and along the Thames River and finally got to the Brompton factory, where they were being presented the "Queen's Award" for Enterprise in both Innovation and International Trade categories. This is the second Queen's Award they have received. Evidently only 16 other companies in the UK have received this award - so it is a big thing! A lieutenant who was dressed in his military uniform, presented the award. Andrew Ritchie was present as the Managing Director of Brompton, Will Butler-Adams graciously and humbly received the award. :)

We had a tasty lunch while a good jazz band played. Then we were given a tour of the Brompton factory, which was neat and made me appreciate all the parts to the bicycle (all of which are handmade and assembled). Only the painting of the bikes is outsourced.

So it was a fun afternoon and I'm glad I had the opportunity to attend! :)


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