Thursday, October 07, 2010

Columbus Day Weekend: Red EZ-3 Classics for $800

If you follow this blog you know bikes@vienna is not sale driven.  It is once in a while that we have a special item or try to attract your interest with some type of discount.  The planets checked into place on Tuesday for us to have one of our most popular recumbent trikes on sale this weekend.

We will have four red EZ-3 Classic trikes offered for $800.  You can find more details by clicking on Sun EX-3 Classic  This trike at this price provides you with a new product with a warranty and our Continuing Care for the price that we have received for used EZ-3 or X-3 models.  We have the connectors in stock so that you could create a trike tandem.  Oh, the possibilities!  Remember we have four, red EZ-3s at this price.

We are open 10-6 Thursday through Monday.  Yes, we are open on Columbus Day.

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