Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still more from Interbike

One more post before I call it a night...

First, there are more photos of various vendors bikes here:
2010-09-22 Interbike

Also, I wanted to mention that a number of makers showed bikes with "mixte" style frames. That's a design that dates back at least to the 70s, probably earlier, that was intended as a "unisex" frame. It never really took off in the US market back then, but seems to be making a comeback now. Pretty much all of the higher end "urban" makers have at least one mixte, and even the more mass-produced bike brands are starting to show them, such as the Torker line from Seattle Bike Supply:

The folks from Pashley of England were yet again showing their gorgeous bikes, from their classic "roadster" designs to their newer "clubman" bikes, inspired by the British club racing bikes of the 40s and 50s:

I was surprised to learn that there are no Pashley dealers in the DC area. I imagine the market for them throughout the US is pretty small, but I would think this region would have some demand for a high quality, high fashion, "classic" design. But maybe I'm wrong. They're still awfully nice to look at.

Finally, there was a wacky "urban cycling" fashion show, sponsored by the folks at Momentum magazine:

It was good fun, although I can't imagine people really riding around dressed as they were in the show. More pics from the fashion show are here:

2010-09-22 Interbike Fashion Show

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