Saturday, March 13, 2010

Continuing Care --- Reprint

This is a reprint from a blog posting on February 25, 2005.  It describes bikes@vienna's Continuing Care Policy.

Soon after I opened bikes@vienna my lovely mother-in-law, Sara, sent me an article from the Seattle newspaper. The article featured a Seattle bike store which provided continuing service on the bikes they sold. I do not remember all the details, but it was the inspiration for what is called Continuing Care at bikes@vienna.

When you buy a new bike from bikes@vienna I promise that we will provide small repairs and adjustment for as long as your family owns the bike. As long as the cost of labor is under $20 then you will only be charged for the parts. A flat tube under Continuing Care is a good example; we will replace the bad tube and only charge you for the cost of the tube. You have saved $8 (our charge for switching a tube). We will adjust a derailleur or adjust a brake and because the labor is under $20 you’ll pay nothing. Our idea is for you to keep your bike in good condition so riding is fun and you ride more.

The question gets asked whether we give free or annual tune-ups? We do not. A brake and gear tune-up costs $40 so that is beyond the threshold. We do much better in my opinion. We work to keep your bike in better condition all year. Our effort is for you to visit us more than once a year. While you’re here might I try to sell you a new pump or basket or helmet? Yup, but I am low key.

Continuing Care is a reason for you to consider making your bike purchase at bikes@vienna.

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