Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tighten Up --- We'll not be renting bikes in 2010

We're tightening up for 2010.  My effort is to operate more economically and efficiently.  With that in mind I have decided not to offer rentals this year.  It may seem counterintuitive to give up business in a slow economy, but allow me to share my reasoning.

People come to rent bikes on lovely sunshiny days.  These are the same days that people bring their bikes in for repairs and come shopping for a new bike or trike.  These are the days that we easily can be overrun with requests for our attention.

The people desiring to rent want to consider their alternatives.  They need some instruction and fitting to the bike.  They deserve our focused attention for their safety and well being.  The individual working with them needs to have a level of knowledge and patience. There is also the amount of time spent on the phone answering questions before the rental.  We  have always rented what we sell.  "So what is a crank forward bike?"  "Do you think I can ride a Recumbent?"  "Now I see that your website says you don't rent road, mountain, or hybrid bikes, but I just want to rent a "regular" bike; you do have those don't you?"

Weather plays such a significant role in the flow of this business and rentals are the most uncertain of the business segments.  Having the correct number of people working is one of my challenging tasks.   Keeping tight control of overhead will be even more important this year.  These are the thoughts that lead me to the decision not to rent in 2010.

I appreciate the people who have rented from us in the past.   I hope you will allow us to assist you in the future with repair services or selling you cycling equipment.  Thank you.

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