Saturday, January 09, 2010

Bike To Work Day will be Friday, May 21

Above is the new logo being used for Bike To Work Day in 2010.  I completed the paperwork yesterday to be a sponsor again this year.  This event increases in its importance each year as more riders participate and greater media coverage takes place.  There were over 7,500 riders in 2009.  Coverage of the event was seen or heard by a million people.

I do not have any idea how many BTWD participants get inspired and begin riding to work regularly.  I do hear people at the Vienna Pit Stop talking excitedly about their experience and how they could be riding to work more often.

As I filled out the sponsorship paperwork I heard a news clip on the radio about Metro's funding issues and the steps reducing service which were being considered.  Late in the afternoon the traffic alerts were again telling the story of clogged roadways.  Biking to work is not for everyone, but for some people it is the lifestyle decision of significant importance.  Mark your calendar for Friday, May 21 and I'll put up a post when registration is open.

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