Thursday, May 28, 2009

2008 Dahon Stem Recall and Cookout

Dahon is recalling stems on a number of their 16" and 20" wheel models from 2008. I received a supply of replacement stems today. We will begin contacting customers tomorrow to bring in their bikes and allow us to replace the stem. There is no monetary charge to the customer. It is an inconvenience and for that I apologize on behalf of Dahon.

bikes@vienna has about 100 of these stems to replace. To make it easier and perhaps a little bit fun.........we're having a series of special events when the bikes can be brought to the store and we'll switch the stem on your bike while you wait. As you may know, bikes@vienna is not typically open on Tuesday evening. On Tuesday, June 9th we will be open from 6:30 to 9 PM for a stem swap. We'll be serving hot dogs, burgers, chips, and soda so you can enjoy a cookout while we switch your stem. We'll have some folding bike accessories on sale so you can shop a little. Yes, we can check over your bike and do a light tweek here and there.

June 9th will be the first of several special hours events. I'm doing this because we may be able to make it more convenient for you and because I fear we may get bogged down in recall/warranty work if we wait for the work to come to us. I can see a sunny Saturday when I can't sell people bikes because we have people standing in line to have their stem switched. We may have to tag bikes on a Saturday or Sunday to swap the stem later. I know this recall is an inconvenience so I'm looking for proactive ways to make it less inconvenient. My goal is to have special times on Tuesdays and Saturdays during June to get much of this switches done.

I will be posting Frequently Asked Questions on this site soon. I used to work with a woman that had two statements that she used often ....."into every life a little rain must fall" and "this too will pass". This recall seems like more than a little rain. I look forward to when we switch the 100th stem and have 99 happy customers. I am conscious of the statement that you can't make all of the people happy, but I'd like 99 of 100.

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