Thursday, September 06, 2007

Riding in Italy

Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna
I sell bikes to people and many times I don't know how they use them and whether they are enjoying them. I am always grateful when I receive information about how people are using and enjoying their bikes.

This photo is one of several that Sean Luke sent me of the adventure that he and the lovely lady in his life are having in Italy. They came in and bought two Dahon Helios folders. They brought in suitcases that they had and with some creativity they were able to pack the bikes. My memory is that they plan to leave the bikes in Italy for their use in future years.

In this age of digital cameras and electronic delivery, it is easier to share information about your adventures. Why not send me a photo of you enjoying your bike(s) that you bought at bikes@vienna.

Sean, thank you so much. I can tell by your photos that you had fun on your folding bike in Italy.

What would you do on a folding bike?

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