Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just a block and one half from the Vienna Caboose

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This Labor Day holiday it again became apparent that bikes@vienna is hidden from the public. I gave directions to the store multiple times and I heard others doing the same. The phone conversation most times begins with an individual on a cell phone asking "Where are you?"

So I thought it might be helpful to use some local landmarks to supplement the fairly good directions on our webpage which is

The Vienna Caboose is an easily identified landmark right next to the W&OD Trail. If you can see the Caboose then you are on Church, Dominion, or Mill Streets. You need to get on Church Street and go south (which is also away from the Presbyterian Church). You'll go through the stop sign at the corner of Center and Church and one half block up on your left is a brick house with a green sign in front which is Terra Christa. bikes@vienna is behind Terra Christa. If you pass the Blackeyed Susan, Great Harvest Bread, or Neilsen Frozen Custard then you have gone too far. If you're across from the Post Office then you've really gone too far.

Okay, let's go back to the Caboose. We ride by it all the time and perhaps you've not stopped and stood on the platform to peer in the window. A caboose was a key component of the American railroad industry for probably a century. Two crew members would travel in the caboose as the eyes at the rear of the train. Originally these crew members would use laterns to communicate with the front end crew. Today cabooses are not used for typical train operation. You see cabooses as parts of parks, business locations, bed and breakfasts, cabins on acreages and used as landmarks.

bikes@vienna is just one and one half blocks from the Vienna Caboose.

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