Monday, August 28, 2006

Super Heroes

Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna.
Geoff Steele (right) is shown with a super hero wannabee on a street corner on RAGBRAI. Geoff comes to the store on Sundays after church to help people test ride bikes. He rode on RAGBRAI with us this year and shot hundreds of delightful photos that he has generously shared. Geoff is a writer, photographer, bike connoisseur, and much more. He has not found a recumbent built by Dick Ryan that he didn't long to purchase.

Geoff and his wife, Sandy, ride a Ryan Duplex, a Bike Friday Twosday, and individual Bike Fridays. Geoff commutes by bike from their home in Arlington to work in Washington.

You have to like a guy that will mug for a photo with an unknown super hero in front of a line of porta potties. We like him. Come to the store on a Sunday afternoon and we can arrange for you to have your photo taken with Geoff. You'll have to bring your own super hero outfit and line of porta potties.

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