Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A New Standard for Riding Apparel

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I was moving a bike when out of the corner of my eye I saw Dave Taylor pedaling up the alley across from our parking lot. I looked up just as he went behind a parked car. I stood up to get a better look and I saw the yellow helmet coming up Church Street to our alley.

Then he was coming down the alley and yes he was wearing a tuxedo. He looped the parking lot in front of the store and I noticed a rose placed in the water bottle nestled in the Vision seatpack. Some people can make an entrance......Dave Taylor is one of them.

Dave brought his Vision in for some service. He test rode a Tour Easy and talked about riding across the country ( I did not ask if he planned to wear the tuxedo). He ran some errands in town and I took him to the Metro after we closed the store.

Ces came in the door from work and told me she had just seen a man at the Metro Station wearing a tuxedo and carrying a bike helmet. I said......."Sure, that's Dave Taylor and he gets your attention doesn't he?"

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