Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fingerprinting A Bike

Warm weather has escalated our traffic. It was not unusual to have two men visit the store looking for a scooter for a daughter. What was unusual was the way that they moved around the store and kept trying to get us away from the front counter. They left and I turned to Bruce to share the thought that they'd been "checking us out". Within ten minutes one of our customers, who is a Vienna police officer, brought in a bike for repair. I recounted the story to him and he jotted down information. He was on his way to work.

In a very short time we learned that another Vienna business had been robbed. The description of the robbers was the same as the one we'd given for our visitors. The police dispatcher called to ask if we have video in the store. No, but one of the visitors had ridden a bike. So the bike was fingerprinted. I'll let you know how this story ends.

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