Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ah Ha, Oh No, Don't Let the Rain Come Down

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Bike To Work Day brought back lots of those old songs that relate to rain, floods, and the strength of the human spirit. At the Vienna Pit Stop we had a steady flow of both riders and rain. People had a wonderful attitude and most had smiles. It again re-affirmed what I admire in the character of people who ride bicycles.

Our registration at the Vienna Pit Stop was at 263 which is a new "high water" mark. If you were not able to stop at the Pit Stop we have extra t-shirts, water bottles, and drawing items. If you were registered at the Vienna Pit Stop, please come passed bikes@vienna and we'll provide you with the t-shirt and water bottle while they last. I would ask that you stop by during the week because our weekends are wild and crazy enough.

I want to express my personal thanks to Ann and Peggy at Whole Foods for their participation in Bike To Work Day. The support that they give this event is wonderful.

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