Thursday, August 14, 2014

We Have Superlight Bromptons In Stock!

You read that right!  We have FOUR Superlight Bromptons in stock right now.  What's a Superlight?  Well, take the classic Brompton, and replace various steel bits (including the fork and rear frame) with titanium, use a higher quality, lighter front hub, lighter spokes, etc, and you shave about 2 pounds off the weight of the bike.  Very nice for those who find themselves carrying their Bromptons a lot.  Just recently, Tim took a trip to Connecticut by bus, using a Carradice "rucksack" style carrying back, which carries like a backpack.  He opted to take our demo Superlight P6L-X rather than his own P6R, and he was very glad for the lighter weight.

We now have:

M6L-X in Cobalt Blue
M6L-X in Apple Green
S6L-X in Racing Green
P6L-X in Orange

Come on in and check them out.  Superlights have been very hard to come by the last few years, so get 'em while they're here!

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