Monday, November 19, 2012

Brompton News - Limited Number of Superlights Available Soon!

Sample photo of an M6LX Superlight Brompton in sage green.

If you follow news in the Brompton world, you'll know that for the past year or so the Superlight option has been unavailable, due to supply problems of the titanium rear frame unit. Well, Brompton is still having issues with supply and demand of those parts, but they have informed us that we can get a VERY LIMITED number of Superlight bikes in early 2013.

Many of you may already know, but for those who don't, let's cover the basics... a "Superlight" Brompton is built with a titanium front fork and rear frame in place of the standard steel parts. In addition, some other smaller parts are made of titanium, or are otherwise lighter versions of the standard parts.  All in all, it shaves about 2 pounds from the weight of the bike, which can be very nice indeed when you're carrying your trusty steed.

So, how many is a "limited number" you ask? Well, here at bikes@vienna we are going to be getting FOUR such bikes, all scheduled to arrive beginning in early January, the last bike arriving mid-February. Now is the time to talk to us if you've been wanting one of these bikes, as our window of opportunity to "design" the bikes to your specifications is brief. The deadline for the first bike on order is December 1st, so come on in and let's work out the design together!

There's no telling when we'll next be able to order Superlight bikes, so if you have any thought of getting one, you really should take advantage of this opportunity before it's gone.


maudincanada said...

Hey everyone,
Do you still have the green sage brompton?

I m still looking for this model.
you can contact please


Tim said...

Brompton discontinued the sage color two years ago, and we haven't had one in about that long. You're most likely going to have to look for used rather than new.