Thursday, September 20, 2012

Interbike 2012 Folder Frolic

Well, this morning started off with the annual Folder Frolic, a fun ride around Vegas at 7am, followed by a parking ramp hill climb sprint... capped off with a toast on the roof of the parking garage!  A great event, and a fun opportunity to gather with fellow folder enthusiasts.  You won't see as many folding bikes ridden together in very many other places.  All manner of bikes, all manner of riders.

Here's a photo of the group lined up in front of the Venetian Hotel before the start.  I'm almost dead center in the black bikes@vienna shirt.  Bruce is to the left of me in the orange shirt. This was his first Frolic, and I think my third or fourth. Folks here from a bunch of dealers as well as reps for each of the major folding bike companies... Dahon, Tern, Brompton. There was even a Moulton rider in the group.  More photos will be posted on Flickr soon.

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