Thursday, March 01, 2012

Folding Bikes on Metrobus Racks?

A post and comments on the Chasing Mailboxes blog today reminded me that I've been meaning to post these photos for some time now.  We get asked now and then about whether or not a folding bike can fit on the racks that are mounted on the front of Metro buses, and Charles shared his experience with me, and took these pictures. The answer, at least in the case of a Brompton, is yes! I suspect other folding bikes can be mounted on the racks in much the same manner, but you may want to pick a less busy time to try it out, so you're not tying up a bunch of anxious commuters!

Check out the pictures and attached video to see how it's done!



Char said...

Hmm - I'm not sure I would trust the bus hook to hold the Brompton in the rack like that. I have put my regular-size bike on the rack on buses in DC, and with the number of nasty potholes/bumps, etc., I'm really surprised my bike still stays on. With the Brompton, I almost would rather fold it and bring it on the bus - - although from your video, it looks like it's holding the Brompton securely....

Gableslizard said...

In Miami, we are not allowed to put folding bikes with smaller wheels on the front racks on metrobuses. I don't blame them for this policy. My Brommie got stuck in a rack that was a newer type with a rotating metal arm to secure the bike. The older style with the stretchy arm with the rubber loop like in your pic worked ok. The new type of racks are replacing the old ones so we are encouraged to carry folding bikes with smaller wheels onto the bus. Works fine.