Sunday, January 08, 2012

And a few folding bikes from Breezer!

As mentioned here a while back, we are once again selling Breezer bikes. In addition to the commuting models we've had in the past, they also offer a few folding bike models, two of which we just got in... the Zig 7 and the Zag 8. Now, if they look a lot like Dahons, that's because they are made for Breezer by Dahon. Not really a big surprise, a variety of bike companies have sold "re-badged" Dahons under their own names (Trek probably being the best known).

By way of comparison, the Zig 7 is very similar to the Dahon Speed D7, but with an aluminum frame instead of steel, and priced at $499, compared to the Speed D7 at $639.  The Zag 8, shown above, is very much like a Dahon Speed P8, but again with an aluminum frame, and priced at $799 vs. $879 for the Speed P8.

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