Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Transporting Tadpoles

No, not THAT kind of tadpole!  We're talking about "tadpole" style trikes... the ones with two wheels in front, one in back.

Folks often ask "How can I carry that on my car? Do I need a special rack?"

Well, there are specially designed racks for these trikes, but for carrying one single trike, there's another solution. Some of you have probably seen this already... it's the back of Al's car with a tadpole perched on the arms of a conventional, strap on style trunk rack.

Note how the frame crossmember rests on the arms of the rack, and the back wheel rests on the rear window of the car.  It's surprisingly stable and secure like this... Al has put a lot of miles on in just this manner, with all manner of tadpole trikes.

So if you're thinking of buying a Catrike, ICE, Greenspeed, Terratrike or other tadpole trike, give this a look. It could answer your "How do I transport it?" question.

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