Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brompton Colors

This Brompton just arrived from England today, and it sure turned out to be a pretty color combination! That's a Racing Green main frame with Sage Green "extremities" (fork, stem, rear frame). Racing Green has been in the Brompton lineup for a while now, but the Sage Green is new for 2011. The combination of the two is very sharp, and shows what can be done with tasteful mixing and matching.

But before you come rushing in to buy it, I have to tell you it's a special order for a customer... in fact it's his second Brompton in three years, so obviously he's a big fan. But if you want one for yourself, we'd be happy to order it for you. Or check out the bikes we have in stock, you might just find one perfect for you!

This one is a P6R, with SON dynamo hub and B&M Cyo headlight. A very nice lighting system indeed. The customer also requested the special "12% reduced" gear range on the six speed drive train, handy for steep hills and carrying loads.

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