Saturday, January 01, 2011

Project Bikes, again...

Following up on my earlier post, I'd like to show an example or two of the kinds of "project bikes" I was referring to.

As a starting point, for those that want to dig back into the past, you can check some of the blog posts from my personal blog "Spokes of a Wheel" that deal with customizing your bike. You'll find information on how I've "personalized" many of my own bikes and other folks' bikes as well.

In addition, follow along as I work with my girlfriend to put together a hopefully wonderful new bike for her. She has a great older Bridgestone mixte-framed bike and a Brompton folding bike, each of which are just fine as they are. Now I want to create for her the closest thing to a custom bike I can, short of building her a frame from scratch (which will come in time).

The foundation, based on her fondness (and mine) for the mixte frame, is a Velo Orange Mixte frame, purchased from Velo Orange in Annapolis, MD. It's a classically styled, beautifully built lugged steel frame in a very pretty shade of blue. The first step has been taken... the bike has been christened "Bullseye"!

Next comes selecting the various components and accessories to build the bike up. The goal is a bike that is both fun and practical, as well as beautiful. Keep your eyes on this page and follow along as we begin.

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