Friday, April 30, 2010

May 8th Plant Sale/Ride There

A visit to the store or following this blog tells you that we are interested in the health of Mother Nature.  An example is the sugar snap peas growing in the large green pots put in front of the store.  Yes, yes, we do like to graze on the fruit of the plants as we watch customers test ride bikes and trikes.

The Ayr Hill Garden Club will hold their Plant Sale on Saturday, May 8th.  It is a wonderful opportunity for you to purchase local plants.  We have a suggestion for you.  You need to get there early.  Saturday mornings are the Vienna Farmers Market in that same area.  We set out the bike racks for the Farmers Market and we'll provide bike racks for the Plant Sale.  So riding your bike is a good thing.   If you must drive then come park in our lot and walk or ride your bike the block and a half to the activities.

How about coming to see us this weekend to buy a basket or pannier so you are ready for this season of Farmers Markets?

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