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Nihola Family 3 coming to bikes@vienna

Sometimes I just need to be patience.  At least five years ago I started emailing the Danish cycle manufacturer, Nihola in an effort to become a dealer for their tricycles.  I had no success getting a response  for a period of time.  Then I got a response I didn't like.  So I stepped back and scratched my head.

This fall the folks at Fourth Floor Distribution in Toronto have been successful in importing the Nihola Family 3.  I now have a Nihola on the way to bikes@vienna.  I'm excited about the potential for the Nihola products in this area.  The Family 3 provides for an adult piloting the trike and up to three children in the front compartment.  The compartment has a seatbelt or has optional shoulder harnesses.  It also has a hood available to keep young passengers dry and out of the cold.  The Nihola site in Germany says it this way:

     "Our new Öko-Tex-100 hood (an ecological fabric), now available in bright fantastic colours, will ensure that you will be easily spotted by other traffic users. Underneath the hood our smaller Nihola passengers will be cosy, dry and warm.  No expense was also spared for Nihola's lighting system.  Niholas are factory fitted with one of the safest dynamo driven bicycle lighting systems produced by the German leader "Busch & Müller.“ Additional easily fitted bright positioning lights (two in the front and two in the back) allow you to be seen even better.  And each and every Nihola is fitted with super robust anti burst tyres by German tyre manufacturer "Schwalbe.“ Pinched or burst tyres will be other people's problems.   Remember that with a Nihola you are safely on three wheels and won't tip over in any weather, even in wet or icy conditions."  

You can review a number of photos of the Family 3 by clicking on

If you'd like to see how the hood goes on the Family three you can view a video showing the installation at Nihola YouTube Install Video  plus you'll get exposed to some German language too.

I believe that the Nihola Family 3 will appeal to families who have wisely chosen to live close to schools, stores, and activities so they can cycle.  The Family 3 can be the replacement for a second auto and perhaps even a first vehicle.  Sooooooo how much does a Nihola Family 3 cost?  Generously appointed the Family 3 costs $4150.

Thinking that is serious money?  Let me take your mind off that number with a lighthearted video featuring the Nihola trike in an outdoor pageant.  Click on this swimmingly interesting video.

When you've stopped smiling then here's a video looking over a Family 3 up close.

Places to visit:


The Nihola trikes available to bikes@vienna are outfitted with:

7 speed SRAM internal hub
Drum Brakes
Padded Bench Seat
Child Harnesses
Cargo Straps
Clear Front Panel
Rain Hood

The trikes are black frame with a black container (remember the clear front panel) with Rain Hoods in black, red, tan, white polka dots, or green.

The cost ready to ride from Vienna (includes shipping, assembly, and continuing care) is $4150 plus Virginia Sales Tax of 5%.

bikes@vienna is located in downtown Vienna on an alley just off of Maple Ave/Route 123.  We sell cycling equipment that you don't normally find in a bike shop such as folders, trikes, recumbents, and tandems.  We're open five days a week.  We're open on Saurday and Sunday so we close on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We're close enough to the Vienna Metro Station that we can pick people up at Metro and bring them to the store.  Call us before you begin your journey.

128A Church Street, NW
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