Sunday, October 04, 2009

Race Day Tim Report

Using Tim's Tweets from Twitter we surmise the following:

Sunday morning, race day.  Tim is up and he knows what day it is.

Up before 6am to catch 2 buses to factory.  He has to be excited about the prospects and he is getting pretty good at getting around in London.  Perhaps he has had some coaching from Brompton representatives.

On the bus at the factory.  Bike in back.   Good Progress!

At Blenheim Palace now.  Just out of the coaches.  Tim has not mentioned the weather and the UK shows sunshine so he probably would have disembarked to a beautiful fall day with the gathering of thousands of cyclists and fans.  Perfect!

Bike is on it's mark and Im suited up.  This is a Leman style start so the bike is placed folded on a specific mark.  Tim will walk or run to the bike to unfold it and then ride.  By suited up he means he has on his helmet, shirt, tie, suitcoat, shorts, and knowing Tim his riding sandals.  Now we don't yet know about that wardrobe malfunction that he alluded to in a tweet several days ago.

Im in a maroon jacket with Brompton logos.  Oh, there it is.  He must have left his suitcoat (actually mine) in Vienna.  So instead of a bland dark coat he'll be wearing a maroon one.  How sporty!

Blue shirt blue tie also borrowed from Nigel of Brompton.  Wow!  He must have left his entire riding outfit at home.  Good thing Nigel is so generous.  Wouldn't that Nigel in oue of the photos yesterday?

Crazy outfits here.  Lots of fun.  Yep, the videos on Youtube show wacky outfits were worn in past years.  I'll bet it is fun with all those wacky outfits, Bromptons, and cyclists.

We've just been briefed and soon we're off.  Yes .........yes............ now what's happening?

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