Saturday, September 26, 2009

Isn't life interesting?

This evening I checked my email and let out a hoot when I got a message from Facebook telling me that my father had asked me to be his friend.  So I confirmed that I was in fact friends with Philsy.

Now I didn't call my father to ask him about his venturing into the Facebook world because the Iowa - Penn State game was starting.  Phone conversations during Iowa games are best avoided although in the past I have called home and asked to have the phone set near the television so I could listen to the end of a game.

I called Ces who went to Seattle today to report this expansion of my Facebook friends and then I called youngest daughter Sara and giggled at the prospect of her Facebook activity being influenced by having both her parents and her grandparents seeing her Facebook posts.  Then I called Tim to share the smile and both of us got laughing when he told me that his 82 year old mother had friended him on Facebook two days ago.

Life is interesting.  A social network that began with university aged participants has expanded to 87 year old dads and 82 year old moms reaching out to their sons.

So I found this photo from RAGBRAI this summer when my folks met us at Moravia for lunch.  I posted it on Facebook with the message;

"Let's see for all the times I snagged you with fish hooks, allowed the ladder to fold up and drop you to the ground, backed out of the driveway and left you in mid project, got the Chevelle beaten by hail and let's not forget the couple of times I peppered you with buckshot....... sure Dad, I'll be your friend on Facebook. It will make me proud. And while I'm at it, Happy 87th Birthday coming up next Friday. I'm going to get your present mailed."

I hope it makes him laugh when he sees it on Facebook.  Although last summer I asked him if he'd forgiven me for the 1968 damage to the Chevelle and he said "not yet".

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