Friday, August 14, 2009

Mezzo Folding Bikes are arriving at bikes@vienna

I'm going to be like a kid looking out the window today waiting for the delivery trucks to come into view. Today is the first possible day for the Mezzo Folding bikes to arrive, but as I said I'll be acting like a kid with eternal optimism. Where am I going to put another line of folding bikes in an already overcrowded store? I'll figure it out.

The Mezzos are coming to the US from England. The bikes are manufactured in Taiwan based on an English design. They are a sixteen inch wheel folder. The bikes look upscale and feature conventional drivetrains with the D10 and D9 featuring rapid fire shifters which is not common in the world of folders. Mezzos have anodized finishes which also is not common in folders. The bikes come with racks and fenders. The bikes are distributed in the US by Marin with which bikes@vienna has had a relationship almost since the store opened. This passed year there have not been any of the Marin uprights in the store, but this new folder renews the relationship.

The reviews of the Mezzos in English cycling publications have been positive. Here are links for a few reviews:

If you've visited the store you know how I stress test rides. Come visit and test ride a Mezzo.

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