Monday, November 17, 2008

Red Bike Fridays on SALE

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This holiday season we have something exciting for you. We've brought in eight Bike Fridays for your gift giving. These are Pocket Rockets and New World Tours (NWT) all in red. We have the bikes in small, medium, and large. These would be amazing gifts for the cyclist wanting a quality folding bike.

How good is the sale? A similar Pocket Rocket would cost you $1054 for the bike and the shipping. Our offer is $960 (you do have to pay sales tax which creates a total of $1008)

The New World Tour would typically cost you $955 for the bike and shipping. Our offer is for $875 (the sales tax brings that to $918.75)

There is limited choice of sizes so I'd suggest you come in early. How about this weekend?


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