Monday, September 15, 2008

Looking for Green Opportunities with Work Cycles.

You have seen several posts on this blog about the Batavus Personal Delivery bike with photos of packages and a well known Labrador being transported. This photo shows you another work cycle, the Yuba Mundo, that has the amazing capacity of 440 pounds able to be transported. For our demonstration we placed James on the back to show the capacity.

Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna
If you go to you can see a number of photos that show the practicality of the Mundo. bikes@vienna is seeking opportunities to show these work cycles to enterprises such as universities, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, storage facilities ..... anywhere it can be more efficient for a person to cycle instead of walk or where a smaller volume of items can be transported on a bike instead of a truck, Cushman, or gas powered vehicle of any type. .

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