Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Bromptons are Here!

Okay, I'll send out the word, since I was the big advocate for carrying them... our first shipment of Brompton folding bikes has arrived! These bikes are handbuilt in England, and feature a quick and ingenious folding system that makes for a remarkably compact package. And added feature is that they have rollers that make it possible to roll them around when folded.

We have an assortment of colors and at least one each of the three different handlebar designs... see our home page for an explanation, or go to:

To see the fold in action, check out:

So how do they ride? Great! Sure, it won't make you throw out your favorite recumbent or road bike, but you'll be surprised at how "normal" it feels and how fun it is to ride. So come on in and give one a spin.

Now that they're here, boy do I want one!

An interesting feature is that when you tuck the rear wheel under the bike (the first step in folding), the bike ends up free-standing, allowing you to "park" the bike:

And to the left you see the bike fully folded... a very tiny package!

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