Monday, January 21, 2008

Basil Front Basket Pet Transporter

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The Basil basket shown on the front of this Marin Belvedere is a bicycle accessory that Tim and I discovered at InterBike in September. Please note the wire cover. Yes, this basket is designed for a pet to accompany you on a bike ride. The basket sits on a strong platform and has a robust connecting system to keep your pet safe.

For years people have come to the store asking about baskets to have their dog, cat, rabbit, or parrot join them on a bike ride. Burley now has a couple of trailers for pets. These Basil baskets are going to provide a method for cyclist with smaller pets (no Java in that basket).

This photo was taken January 20. James is wearing a Santa hat because it was the warmest thing that he could find around the store. For years I have been known to keep the heat down in the store. I've been ribbed about my frugal approach to heating and cool, but now I can be thought of as a conservationist. It is so much kinder.

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