Friday, October 26, 2007

In the halls of Congress

The U.S. House of Representative held their Green Expo yesterday and bikes@vienna participated. Our participation lead to a couple of unique experiences for me. I had to take the bikes in the bikes@vienna van to be bomb scanned on Wednesday morning. The Capitol Police use dogs to sniff out bombs and I'm there wondering if the dog will react to Java's (our chocolate lab shop dog) scent which has to be very apparent. Nope not then or not on Thursday when they screened the van to pick up the bikes.

After unloading the bikes and promotional material at the Longworth Building I had to move things through the tunnel to the Cannon Building. How do you move bicycles, a tricycle, and a trailer loaded with catalogs? Well I hook the trailer to a bike and ride it. I'm wearing my bright orange helmet, bikes@vienna uniform (t-shirt and jeans) and a big smile as I pedal first through the tunnel and then down the third floor corridor of the Cannon House Office Building. It was fun! Most people that saw me would initially look surprised and then get a big smile.

On Thursday Bruce enjoyed riding through the halls of Congress while I retrieved the van and went through security. He said people had a similiar reaction to seeing him ride.

I see a new opportunity to speed up government......those hallways are long so allow people to ride bikes. I suppose that you could allow some people to use roller skates, but I don't sell roller skates.

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