Saturday, June 09, 2007

Appearing today in Batesville

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It is early morning on what looks to be a nice June day. The big white bikes@vienna van is headed south to Batesville. Matt will be providing mechanical help for an MS 150 ride which will attract people from the Charlottesville area and beyond. Six hundred cyclists will ride on a hot day to raise money to fight MS. Thank you to each and every one of them.

As Matt and I went through the checklist of supplies I answered a question that might have been in his mind about why we'd sign on to support a ride two hours away. I told him, "If someone asks why you're in Batesville all the way from Vienna, tell them it's because the guy who owns the store has a daughter and she has MS."

Oldest daughter, Jessica, is shown on the right with her daughter, Mira, at Christmas time. She participated in an MS walk in Seattle last month and raised a nice sum. Our entire family has a heightened interest in getting more funding for MS research. So in the early hours of this day the big white van speeds south to Batesville.

Tomorrow we will help locally with the ADA Cure de Tour's Family Loop that comes into Vienna. Is there a family tie there? Yes, but that is another story. Thank you to all the cyclist who ride to raise money. Thank you to the people walking this weekend for the Relay for Life. We need to focus more money to combat the dreaded diseases which we all fear.

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