Thursday, January 18, 2007

bikes@vienna Used

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I have just completed adding several bikes to our bikes@vienna Used blog. You will find the link to that information below the information on the left of our home page. If you look through our offerings you'll find a wide range of recumbents, tandems, recumbent tandems, folding bikes, mountain bikes, children's bikes, and even an occasional cruiser. It's difficult to know what will be traded in or brought to us to sell on consignment.

We don't make much money on trade-ins. Our method is to estimate what price the bike will bring and deduct any repairs, parts, and cleaning that we believe are necessary to make it safe and saleable. Providing the option of accepting trade-ins does bring us customers. There are times when the value of the bike and what is necessary to make it saleable pass each other. In those cases we have to decline the trade offer and suggest that Bikes For The World would be a wonderful place to donate the bike and received a tax deduction.

We also provide the service of selling bikes on consignment. We estimate the value of the bike and what needs to be done to make it saleable. We post the bike on bikes@vienna Used and find the bike a good home. We charge 17.5% for the service. Again this is not a big money maker, but it brings customers to us.

We are almost three weeks into the new year. What do you dream of doing this year on a bicycle? Can you park that car and ride your bike on errands and to work? Can you create an adventure riding to explore an area and share that adventure with someone else? A bicycle, new or used, can enable us. Keep your eye on bikes@vienna Used because a bike may appear which sparks your imagination and helps you to pursue your dreams.

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