Monday, November 13, 2006

Adaptive Cycling Equipment in 2007


bikes@vienna is known for recumbents, trikes, tandems, and folding bikes. We relish the opportunity to help people find a way to enjoy cycling.

We're working this fall and winter to identify, test, and then acquire equipment which will allow more people to experience the joy of cycling. This means that we're looking at trailers, trail-a-bikes, trikes, and tandems which meet special needs,

The Greenspeed GTH shown in the photo is an example of a high end trike developed for commuting and touring. The trike is a handcrank model outfitted with 54 speeds, drum brakes, rear fender, and rear view mirror. This model will appeal to an adult who is serious about cycling.

You'll see other examples here for kids and adults in the next couple of weeks. We've found that our customers give us great ideas, feedback. and contacts. Adaptive cycling equipment is expanding into new frontiers for us so we need your help. Please email us with your suggestions. Send your messages to john@bikesatvienna.

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