Saturday, October 07, 2006

It was almost "Bye, Bye Birdy"

John Hayes has been a long time patron of bikes@vienna. Here is a message I received today about his travels and his Birdy.


    I was searching the Birdy on the WEB and came across your WEB page.  Yesterday (Thurs 10/5) Kathy, Henry (Williams younger brother), and I came back from Florida.  We spent a week down there visiting my mother (near Orlando).  I took my Birdy as we flew (usually I drive with road and recumbent bikes on top).  I notice that you are renting the Birdy-in-a- bag!  Great!!  You remember I took my Birdy-in-a-bag (bought them both from you) to Italy.  What a great trip which was even more enjoyable with my Birdy along.  That BAG with the wheels on one end and the handle on the other was in tow from Florence to Rome (via train) and through the streets of Rome (just to the hotel).  I rode the Birdy daily in Tuscany, all around Florence, and some in Rome.

    I use this "fold up" as an easy take along (just in case I get a chance to ride) all over PA and on frequent visits to VA.  As I mentioned I just took it to Florida and back this past week.  On this trip they lost my Birdy which caused me 24 hrs of consternation and a torn hand strap.  Actually, the tag came off (so they tell me) and the Birdy didn't know what flight it was supposed to board.  I filed a claim describing my "luggage" as a bicycle with the word "BIRDY" on a soft sided large suit case.  This was enough for them to find her and send her on her way (claimed 24 hrs later).  So, late today (Fri) we were re-united and Kathy and I drove up to Laurel Hill (our home in the beautiful Western Pa mountains).

    I have not been riding as much - miss the W&OD Trail.  We have a few more hills up here than No. VA.  I'll also miss the fun at your Halloween parade.  I'll be sure to stop by the next time we are in the area - William is due for a new bike this Christmas.  Keep up the great work and bike shop.  Ride safe!


    PS - Any one interested in hearing how great the "fold-ups" are and how I have traveled with my Birdy, well you know me - I'll swap bicycle stories any time (some say "all the time").  And the "GREAT" place to buy one, with great service and instruction is Bikes @ Vienna!


            Sharing the road, riding safe,

                                                        John Hayes 

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