Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jim O'Grady Wins Dahon Speed 7

Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna.
We have teamed up with ZipCar in an effort to increase the use of alternative transportation. In July, ZipCar asked its members to write a haiku about a folding bike. Jim O'Grady's entry was selected as the winner and his haiku read:

A foot of empty
space is what my house holds. I
don't care: my bike folds.

The photo records the moment last week when Jim visited the store and picked up his new Dahon Speed 7. I'm shown holding a bunch of ZipCar brochures to make Adam Johnson of ZipCar feel good about the promotion. Jim has just test ridden his Speed 7 which he plans to use for commuting. We've got the bikes@vienna sign centered above our heads. Yep, we've got the bases covered.

bikes@vienna provides ZipCar members with a 15% discount on the purchase of Dahon bicycles. We're serious about fighting "oil addiction" and reducing the number of motor vehicles on the roadways.

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