Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Happy Triker

HappyTriker, originally uploaded by bikes@vienna.

Cyclists are amazing people. As Ces and I rode on Bike Virginia in the rain during the final days of June that fact was reaffirmed for me.

This photo and email message tell the story of a cyclist who would not be detered. Here is the message,


I wanted to thank you again for making it possible for my  wife,  
Yvonne, to do Bike Virginia this year even though she had a broken  
left wrist.  She could steer, change the rear gears, and apply the  
rear disc brakes all with her right hand.  It made her one happy  
biker, or rather triker.  She triked about 300 miles over the 5 day  
event.  Thanks again.


The EZ-3 USX trike is not a light weight trike. It did fit the bill for Yvonne's needs. She is a strong and dedicated rider to have covered 300 miles. She is also an inspiration.

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