Friday, April 21, 2006

Java Reclined and a Small Town Story

JavaReclined, originally uploaded by bikes@vienna.

This Java sleeps in an interesting position. Bruce snapped this photo of her on Thursday afternoon. She is totally relaxed. People walking and talking as she lies there on her back.

This is a Java story about Vienna being a small town.

I walked Java up to the store on Wednesday morning. Our walk included a stop at the bank for me to make a deposit. Although she is getting too big, I picked Java up and carried her into the bank. The nice teller handled my deposit and talked about Java noting her name and age.

Hours later daughter Sara went into the bank to cash her paycheck from the store. As fate would have it she went to the same teller. She had left her identification in the car, but the teller noted the matching last names of the payee and payor. As Sara offered to go get her drivers license, the teller said that wouldn’t be necessary if she could answer two questions:

What is the puppy’s name? How old is the puppy? The check was cashed.

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