Thursday, October 20, 2005

Searching for a "kid's" recumbent trike

kmx k3-2, originally uploaded by bikes@vienna.

For several years I have kept an eye out for a recumbent that could be marketed to young people. It would be, in my opinion, a possible option for chidren with physical challenges. The problem I've encountered is cost. We are able to fit older children on our EZ-3 trikes ($875), but the cost is not practical for many families. So we've continued to look for a solution.

The photo above is for a KMX Kart ($550, yes their website says $500, but that model is being updated in features and price). It is a three wheeler for young people in the 6-10 age category. We're testing it out. We'll have one in the Vienna Halloween Parade.

When you go to the website ( for the product you'll see a pitch for "extreme" sports use. It has riding the trike on two of three wheels and jumping off of ramps. My interest is for a more practical use.

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