Thursday, September 29, 2005

The new Bike Friday Recumbent

Here's the latest from Bike Friday:

The new Bike Friday Recumbent, dubbed Next Sat R Day, is finally out of the bag!

Nearly every day for the last year customers and others have called asking "when can I order one?" Finally after many challenges (we have been so busy that finding time to design a new bike was like squeezing grape juice out of a turnip) we are ready to say "you can order one now".

Hanz's goal with this bike was to make it lighter, faster, easier to fold and pack as well as have more tire choices. There are 2 models - touring and sport.

New Sat R Day General Features:

· Custom fit the rider with up to 6" of seat travel, and 5 boom lengths.
· Fits into the new Bike Friday F'lite case.
· European Optima fiber matrix seat (in 3 sizes) with thick foam padding.
· Quick folds with seat intact.
· Adjustable seat back angle.

Special features of the Sport model (for people interested in fast riding)

· 451 mm rim seat diameter, 20" wheels.
· Weighs from as little as 26.5 lbs (weight of the finished prototype).
· 10 tire choices ranging from 20x1" to 20x1-3/8".
· Price ranges from $2750 to over $4000.

Special features of the Touring model (for people who want comfort touring).

· 406 mm rim seat diameter, 20" wheels.
· Adjustable boom (the Sport model will not have an adjustable boom).
· 17 tire choices ranging from 20x1.125" to 20x2.1".
· Price ranges from $2675 to over $3000.
The bike is so new that there is almost no information on the Bike Friday Web site. Once we have more info we'll pass it on.

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