Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lepus and Kettwiesel

We recently received two trikes from Hase Bikes, the Lepus and the Kettwiesel. The Lepus is a foldable trike with underseat steering, a rear suspension, and a large rear cargo area. It comes equipped with Magura disc brakes and the Nexus 9-speed internal hub. The adjustable seat allows a very wide range of rider heights, from 3 ft 7" to 6 ft 4".

The Kettwiesel is one of the best handling trikes around. The seating position is higher than most sport trikes and lower than the more upright trikes like the EZ-3. It comes equipped with fenders, disc brakes and the 9-speed Nexus hub. It's also one of the most comfortable trikes made. Why not come in and test ride the Lepus or the Kettwiesel.

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