Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Ticket To Ride --- Starting Sunday, March 20

Starting on Sunday, March 20th we'll have a weekly Sunday morning ride departing from the store at 9:00 AM. Everyone is welcome, but admittedly you'll see a higher percentage of recumbent bikes on these journeys. I hope that the second Sunday of a month you'll see more tandems and tandem recumbents. The third Sunday of a month we should see more recumbent trikes if this all develops as hoped.

In times of wet weather a call to the store phone (703.938.8900) before 8:00 AM will tell you if the ride is still going out. We'll alternate our route and turnaround to give a bit of variety. There will always be an opportunity to stop at a local eatery for a late breakfast. The start time may move to an earlier time in the heat of the summer to reduce riding in the heat. The idea is to have fun, get some exercise, meet nice people, and provide a touch of motivation for people to get out riding.

Consider yourself as having "a ticket to ride". We do care.

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